The recording studio design is realized by Andrej Lazo, one of the most respected and coveted sound engineer, honourd with an Oscar and an Academy Award for popular music.

On this place I want to thank for his contribution and his endless patience.

Participation on the technical implementation were also Jaroslav Suchanek (exSono), Roman Sandor (Mercury Studio) and Mila Brook (Studio Rivulet).

The recording room has a size of 6x10 meters and a height of 3,2 meters. The nearly citar room is 3x2 meters with a height of 2,8 meters. The proction room has a size of 4,5x3 meters.

The signal from the recording room is only lead through the analog preamp (brands: Neve, SSL, Universal Audio, TL Audio, Focusrite, Dale). Subsequent the signa lis convert by an AD | DA-converter (brands: RME, Focusrite, UAD). At the end te record can edited with the program ProTools10. The harware is provide by the firms Disk, Muzikant.cz and Studiocare.

At the studio there are a little kachen and a wc. The EQuasi studio is built at the pictorially region of Nordboehmen in Czech Republic. Lodging and a restaurant are aviable in the same building.